The Cabins

Have you ever had a chance to rent a country house exclusively for two, without any strangers?

Created only for a couple, a private farmstead in the outskirts of a forest – unique and one a kind place like this in Lithuania where you can enjoy your partner’s company without any strangers as you can book a cabin with a private yard – a mini country house for two!


The cabins are built away from one another. The view outside is of splendid nature. You can hear birds chirping in a spacious terrace and as the evening approaches – enjoy hot ofuro bathtub.


We invite you to relax at Atokampis Boutique SPA & Resort and to try out only the highest quality of leisure.

The Cabins
North Cabin

Klientai apsistoję šiame namelyje galės mėgautis net 26 kv.m apartamentais, kuriuose įrengta erdvi virtuvė, valgomasis, King Size (karališka) lova, vonios kambarys su dušo kabina

South Cabin

Apsistojus šiame namelyje galėsite mėgautis 15 kv.m, vieno miegamojo apartamentais su pilnai įrengta mini virtuvėle, vonios kambariu bei erdvia, net 15 kv.m terasa, iš kurios atsiveria nuostabūs miško vaizdai.

West Cabin

Tai trečiasis, didžiausias mūsų namelis, kuriame galėsite mėgautis net 36 kv. m. apartamentais.

East Cabin

Ketvirtasis Atokampio namelis - 30 kv m, kuriame vyrauja tamsios spalvos - juoda ir ruda.


Ofuro bathtub

Dip into a warm ofuro bathtub in the terrace of your cabin! The moment you step outside of your cabin into the terrace – you will submerge in a warm ofuro bathtub. It is similar to a hot tub, meant for two people.


Note: in case of extreme cold (around -20 celsius or lower), ofuro bathtub will not be arranged.

Eko pool

Enjoy picturesque views of the nature in ecological pool. Decorations of pebbles and flora will make every moment enjoyable whilst in ECO pool.


Eco pool is almost like a small lake with its flora and eco system where no chemicals are used, therefore the water is suitable for people with allergies.


The pool has two areas: swimming and flora, thus no discomfort will be felt and you will be able to enjoy amusements.


The pool can only be used during summer season and only by the guests of South Cabins.


In the main SPA territory, all the guests can use ECO pool.


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