CATERING package



Healthy bread sandwiches with turkey, mango – passion fruit panna cotta.



Smoked fish truffles with mascarpone cream, shrimp and salmon ceviche, caramelized pears, smoked ham and cheese skewers, chicken balls in pistachio casing, basil pesto marinated mozzarella balls with dried ham, seeds, crackers



Salmon steak with vegetables and potato slices; Shrimp skewer with vegetables; Pork neck steak with grilled vegetables and potato slices with skin; Turkey skewer with grilled vegetables and potato slices.

Breakfast + Cold snacks tray + Dinner + Coffee/tea

Food is served to your cabin, therefore upon your arrival you will find all your meals ordered and can enjoy it any time you want.

Dinner tray is served with uncooked meat/fish and uncooked potatoes.


PACKAGE PRICE: 90 € – 2 guests

Catering service MUST be ordered no later than 3 days before your arrival!




Frequently asked questionsi:

Can I order Dinner tray only?

It is not possible to order catering separately. Catering package is served only when breakfast and dinner (with cold snacks tray) are ordered.


Can I order catering after arrival?

Catering service MUST be ordered in advance. Food is not prepared in the country house, it is being catered, therefore in order to give you a full relaxation package, we inform that food cannot be order after the arrival.


Can I order extra drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)?

It is not possible to buy drinks from us, therefore we suggest to take care of it in advance.


Is there a nearby restaurant/shop?

We are located in a remote country house, therefore there are no shops nor restaurants nearby. In the town Kruonis, you can find convenience stores (~5 km). Bigger shops can be found in Kaisiadoriai or Rumsiskes (~20 km).