Privacy Policy


By herein Privacy Policy (hereinafter – the Privacy Policy), Atokampis, UAB shall define the terms and conditions, which must be observed by all visitors (hereinafter – the Visitors) of the website (hereinafter – the Website). All of the above conditions shall apply each time a visitor uses the content created by Atokampis, UAB, when acquiring a service / product or sending an enquiry, regardless of whether a PC, a tablet, a telephone or any other device is used.

It shall be deemed that the Visitor has read and accepted their consent to the Privacy Policy when they visit the Website, logs in to the Website, and/or purchases the product and/or service sold on the Website. The Visitor, who disapproves any provision of the Privacy Policy, shall not confirm their consent and loses their right to visit the Website, log in to and use all and/or any of the services provided on the Website.

The persons under 16 cannot submit any personal data through our website. If you are a person under 16, prior to submission of any personal information you must obtain the consent of your parents or other legal guardians.

By herein Privacy Policy (hereinafter – the Privacy Policy), Atokampis, UAB (hereinafter – the Data Controller) shall set out the terms of personal data processing via the Website managed by the Data Controller. The terms set out by the Privacy Policy shall be applied every time when the Visitor accesses the content and/or service provided by the Data Controller, regardless of the device (PC, cellular phone, tablet, TV, etc.) used by the Visitor.


This Policy shall not apply when the Visitor browses the websites of other companies or uses the services of third parties when visiting the website of Atokampis, UAB.


When processing personal data, we shall follow the requirements of the EU Regulation No 2016/679 on Data Protection, the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on Legal Protection of Personal Data, the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on Electronic Communications, and other relevant applicable legal acts as well as the directions of regulatory authorities.


Data Controller’s reference information:

Registered office: Visginų km. 3, Kruonio sen., LT-56311 Kaišiadorių raj.

Telephone: +370 610 72554


Company code: 304430155

Exempt from VAT

Data Controller’s c/a: LT34700010150594175 (Swedbank, AB)



What information on the Visitor is collected? 

Directly provided data:

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Date of Birth
  • E-mail address
  • Telephone


The information on how the Visitor shall use our website:

Where the Visitor visits the Data Controller’s website, the Data Controller shall also collect the information that shall disclose the peculiarities and specific of the services rendered by the company or the statistics on the visits shall be generated automatically. For further information, please refer to the section ‘Cookies’.


The information obtained from the third parties:

When the Visitor is logging in through network accounts, such as Facebook, Gmail, etc., the information received may be related to other information that we receive when the Visitor is visiting our website.


Other information collected by our company:

The information on the Visitor’s PC and the Visitor’s visits and use of this website, including IP address, the time and date of website logins, etc.;

Any other information that the Visitor may provide to the Data Controller at any time by using the Data Controller’s website and the services rendered by thereof.


The Visitor’s rights:

The Visitor who has agreed to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy shall be entitled to:

  • Be aware of and be informed about their personal data processed;
  • Have access to and get familiarized with the data processing policy;
  • Suspend their data processing procedure (except the data storing);
  • Object to the processing or use of the Visitor’s data for the purposes of direct marketing, including the profiling to the extent it is related to direct marketing.


In which cases we use the information provided by the Visitor

The information provided by the Visitor may be used for the following purposes:

  • for the permission to use the website as well as the services provided via this website;
  • for the purposes of direct marketing, having the Visitor’s consent (for e-mailing of newsletters and personal notifications, such as ads on various promotions and special offers, as well as for surveys conducted into the Visitors’ views about the services provided);*
  • for the purposes of direct marketing, such as profiling, to offer the Visitor customized offers and services;*
  • for e-mailing of invoices and reports;
  • for the payment for services (cart) using a selected external banking services provider;
  • by analyzing the scope and manner in which people use our online services, to improve the quality and content of the services provided.
  • The Visitor shall be entitled to withdraw at any time their consent on the use of their data for marketing purposes.


To whom the Visitor’s information is disclosed

We undertake not to disclose the Visitor’s personal data to any unrelated third parties, except for the following:

  • If the Visitor agrees to disclose their personal data and confirms this in writing.
  • When providing services to our partners, having those ordered by thereof. For Service Providers, the Data Controller will provide only the Visitor’s personal information to the extent necessary to perform the particular service.
  • To Law Enforcement Authorities in accordance with the procedure prescribed by the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.


How long the Visitor’s data is kept

Atokampis, UAB shall keep the Visitor’s personal data for the period no longer than required by the purposes of data processing or provided by legal acts, should these set out a longer data retention period. Personal data are usually stored for the period reasonable claims may be made from the contractual relationship or to the extent necessary to implement and protect the legitimate interests of Atokampis, UAB. Any personal data that is no longer needed shall be destroyed. When providing electronic services, Atokampis, UAB shall handle the traffic related data only to the extent necessary to ensure the proper provision of services, except in the cases provided by law.



Having subscribed to the Newsletter, Atokampis, UAB will use the Visitor’s e-mail address based on the Visitor’s consent, which the Visitor may withdraw at any time. We can forward the Visitor’s e-mail address to third parties providing specialized services only to send you the Atokampis, UAB newsletter.

Having forwarded the newsletter, Atokampis, UAB may collect the statistics on the Visitor’s behavior, for example, whether the Visitor has opened an e-mail, what links they have clicked.

We will handle the Visitor’s e-mail address for the purpose of forwarding our newsletters until the Visitor refuses to receive the offers by Atokampis, UAB. You can unsubscribe the newsletters of Atokampis, UAB by clicking on the relevant link at the bottom of the newsletter or by other methods specified in this Policy.


The information provided to the third parties

The Data Controller’s website may also contain promotional messages, links to third party websites and their services – the Data Controller shall not control this information. The Data Controller shall not be responsible for the safety and privacy of the information collected by the third parties. The Visitor must read the privacy policies applicable to the third party websites and the services that they use.


Final Provisions

  • The Data Controller shall have the right to amend/change the Privacy Policy either in part or in full.
  • The addenda or amendments/changes to the Privacy Policy shall take effect from the date of their publication on the Website.
  • If after the addendum or amendment/change to the Privacy Policy the Visitor continues using the Website and the services rendered on the Website and confirm their consent, the Visitor shall be deemed to have agreed to these additions and/or amendments.
  • This Policy shall be reviewed at least once every 2 (two) years and updated as necessary.



Should you have any questions about the information provided in herein Privacy Policy, please contact us in any preferable manner:



Having accessed the Data Controller’s website, the Visitor shall be provided with the content that meets the Visitor’s needs. For this purpose, cookies are used. Cookies are small files – the data elements designed to hold (to store automatically) the Visitor’s data when browsing in the Data Controller’s website. They facilitate retaining the history on website accessing, adapting it to the context, also allows monitoring website visit duration, collecting the statistical information about the number of visitors and maintaining smooth operation of website.

For the analysis on the accessing and use of its Website, the company Atokampis, UAB shall use Google Analytics as well as other similar tools. These tools generate the statistical and other data on the Website accessing and use based on the cookies that are stored in the users’ PCs. The data collected on the Website accesses shall be used for the development of reports on the accessing of the Website.